The i3 Lab (Informatics for Infrastructure Insights Lab.) for infra insights is a laboratory in the field of construction project management, which applies scientific management and management techniques to construction projects with high uncertainty and high risk to improve business efficiency and reduce waste through the design, construction, and maintenance stages.


 In particular, we are devoting to research that applies Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, which presents a new paradigm to the construction process based on a three-dimensional model to infrastructure. In order to advance the developed technology into the domestic as well as the global market and make it a competitive advantage, we are integrating our research with the field of 'International Construction'.


 Recently, our lab is focusing on research to derive insights into overseas expansion strategies by fusion of artificial intelligence, the source technology of the 4th industrial revolution, with BIM technology to seek intelligent design and construction processes and apply it to global construction market data. Based on traditional civil engineering, we strive to create a blue ocean market in the construction area by incorporating future ICT technologies and aim to cultivate the next generation of talented people. We ask for your participation and interest in creative and challenging research.